We're so excited you're considering making Forward your home church! Forward Church is a community of encouragement in grace and hope. Our mission is to change the way people see God.

Changing The Way The World Sees God
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What's In This Course?

Lesson One: Welcome
A short welcome from Pastors Clint and Sara Byars

Lesson Two: Mission and Vision
Hear what we're about and how we seek to accomplish the vision God has given us

Lesson Three: Core Values & Beliefs
These 10 values and beliefs will give you a great foundation for our approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Christian life

Lesson Four: The Journey
Make the Journey from a BELIEVER to a DISCIPLE to a SERVANT to a LEADER. "The Journey" is our discipleship path

Lesson Five: Grace In Motion
We want to help you develop a lifestyle of evangelism through which the gifts of God’s indwelling spirit naturally flow through you

Lesson Six: What We Expect
We want you to know where you stand with Forward and what we expect from our members in the area of serving, finances and involvement in the church community.

Lesson Seven: First Steps
To get moving in the right direction we encourage you to apply Sunday's teachings, find a Life Group and begin the suggested reading. From there you can be as involved as you want to be.

Lesson Eight: Foundational Teachings
This lesson contains 2 of our foundational teaching series'

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